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While i create a lot of artwork, of course I have favorites. Here's a collection of those!
  1. Texture Cubes

    During my coursework, I took a class where i was assigned to draw 3-4 cubes of a texture family each week to practice lighting and texture.
  2. texture cubes
  1. Ecorche

    As part of understanding anatomy I took a class where I built an Ecorche. This is a style of sculpture that originated in France where half a figure is a sculpted skeletal structure while the other half shows the musculature.
  1. Foliage Textures

    Using low-poly planes in Maya, I created a variety of foliage assets by UV-ing and texturing in Photoshop.
  1. Isometric perspective

    As part of learning about perspective, I was tasked with drawing a variety of environments that include people and animals at diffrent angles. For this asignment,I made a grayscale isometric drawing of an abandoned marketplace.
  1. Fish-eye perspective

    To continue with learning perspectives, I drew a scene from a book sieries I like in fish-eye perspective.
  1. 3d modeled jacket

    This jacket is built using the masking tool in Zbrush.
  1. House interior

    I spent a semester modeling the inside of an old house, learning about diffrent ways to model enviroments efficiently in maya, and then texturing them in Substance Painter. This was also a good exercise for learning how to light a scene in Maya.
  1. House exterior

    While this is an early work, I'm still happy with how this house exterior looks. For textures, I exclusively used basic flat colors so that the modeling work would have to carry the details.
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