I spend a much of my free time building costumes using a wide variety of skills including fabric dyeing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, tatting, glass blowing, die casting, and leatherworking. I enjoy bringing digital and animated concepts into the real world.
  1. This outfit took me approximately 70 hours to build. The shirt is a polyester satin. The pants are a 4-way strech fabric, The belts are velvet. The hat is EVA foam and satin.
  1. One of my friends designed this outfit to see how much of a challenge she could throw at me before I would decide it was too much. This outfit took 139 hours to build. The outfit is white satin on the outside. I hand embroidered all the gold detailing on the outside. Using fabric spray paint, I dyed the inside as a rainbow gradient and then used an embroidery machine for the white flowers. The wings are armature wire with acrylic window film.
  1. This outfit is my most time consuming yet. I took me 279 hours to build. I hand dyed everything for this outfit: including the yarn. I then hand-knit the sweater using a lace weight silk-and-wool blend. The pants are cotton twill and the green stripes are silk. The undershirt is a 2 way stretch silk.
    Using lampworking, which is like a miniature detail-oriented version of glass blowing, I manufactured the buttons for the shirt. The collar is embroidered with silk thread that I dyed myself. I painted the shoes and added small details.
  1. While not my most insane outfit, I had a ton of fun making this one. It took me aproximately 106 hours to build. All the fabric is different weaves of cotton that I dyed to get a rustic, outdoorsy look. I used a variety of machines including a laser cutter, 2 vinyl cutters, and two 3D printers. I modeled and built everything from the gauntlets to the buttons and guns, plus all of the details covering the outfit. I used specialized vinyls and paints so that the outfit changes color in the sun.
  1. to take a break from massive costumes as well as to practice more 3d modeling I created this outfit. it took aproximatly 42 hours to create. I 3d modeled and printed elements like the horn and staff. the outfit is made out of a vinal and the triangles are an iron on vinal.
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