Worthing Pier

Worthing Pier’s Art Deco Southern Pavilion is set to be brought back to its formal glory.


Mr Alex Hole and his team were focussed on restoring the pavilion building, which helped Worthing win Pier of the Year in 2019. He was removing layers of previous work going back years so he could restore it to former glory. Larger kitchens were necessary for the range of food and drink Perch would be offering.


The proposed subtle decoration continues the heritage of the building and highlights the beautiful original detailed features. This is teamed with brass detailing and brighter colours in the furniture to create an impressive design that will be both impactful and memorable.

Also taken into account is the original Perch, although this is a grander scheme, there are subtle hints to its origin to continue the brand identity. The proposed design creates a space that will continue to welcome the family-friendly dining experience as well as a glamorous central bar which will also mean a perfect space for people to enjoy a drink. The beautiful views of the sea and Sussex shoreline are opened up to enjoy from all areas.

Alex Hole
Worthing, UK


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London, UK

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