Shoreham by Sea


The boat had just 840 square feet of living space, which made the typical renovation requests of functionality and storage that much more integral to its overall success. The owner also wanted the interior design to embrace a calm palette, with enough natural light to bring the outdoors in. So essentially, the home needed to operate with extreme attention to detail but had to make it look effortless, too.


Tranquillity was imbued throughout the home, accomplished through clean lined decor, neutral tones, and some nifty Pinterest inspiration. It was where I discovered Scandinavian minimalism. Soon enough, mood boards full of pale hues, dark greys, clean lines, and organic materials populated. All with the intention of cultivating comfort and inner peace.

The renovation resulted in a one-bedroom home with a full kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a living area and a dining space.

I have selected cool grey teak cladding for the main texture and timeless patina for when they age. Then, the charcoal colour of the kitchen cabinetry and joinery reflects the masculinity  and white tiles, worktops and accessories were used to brighten the home throughout.

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Shoreham by Sea, UK


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