Glenmalloch Cottage

The Moore Family would like their home to have a neutral colour palette with an injection of colour that can be changed quite easily to reflect changing trends and styles.


The style should be appropriate for the target market; professional couples who are using the Lodge as a weekend/long-weekend retreat, holiday cottage.

The design should reflect the surrounding countryside, its dramatic location, the materials common to the area, as well as a general sense of luxurious, high-quality and well detailed rural lifestyle.

Property requirements:

The property has a limited amount of floor space, it is therefore up to you as the designer, to arrange the layout accordingly to provide a comfortable setting which should include:

  • Double bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Relaxing area/living space
The Landmark Trust
Newton Stewart, Scotland


This is a space for a couple to potentially freely spread out and enjoy a romantic holiday.

This is a space without blockages of energy or light that allows the energy of the living area and the authentic fireplace to circulate throughout making for a cosy, inclusive environment that suits this original Victorian structure.

The architecture and interior design during Queen Victoria’s reign exhibited a formal and detailed aesthetic. The design was infused with harmony, symmetry and recurring pattern to suggest opulence with order and simplicity. The extension of the bedroom would allow the property to gain its true Victorian symmetrical look.


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