Electric Square

An independent game development studio company.


Electric Square worked with me to ensure their open-plan office wasn’t just one large room with tables spread throughout. It was driven by an open-plan concept of inspiring collaboration and enhancing communication.

With all office-based teams, managers, and directors working in the same shared spaces the configuration of the office and the sense of non-hierarchical that brings people together, facilitates faster learning, builds trust, and helps foster new ideas to build a naturally innovative environment.

I was tasked with creating a space that is appealing for the staff to enable maximum productivity and retention. They required a meeting space for clientele without compromising any privacy requirements.

I’ve created an office environment and culture that portrayed the company’s ‘tech’ culture and services.

Electric Square
Brighton, UK


Art Deco is a distinctive art style that has influenced many design disciplines, from architecture to visual arts. It’s characterised by cubist style geometric shapes and patterns, combined with a sense of luxury and glamour.

The idea of travel through time and space is hinted at graphically on the wall coverings and carpet and tiles around the entryway. The colour palette of rich golds and blues is part of the colour journey of the film Metropolis.


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London, UK

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Design quote of the month

"Design creates culture.

Culture shapes values.

Values determine the future."

Robert L. Peters, designer and author